I am a developer who likes creating programs that are both fun and mathematical, and especially like fractals and simulations. I works on many of my projects with friends, most often with modderme123. These projects can be found at I also do graphic design. I use coler706 as my username on most sites.

Skill Set

  • Programming

    Being one of my greatest passions I have gotten quite good at not only using languages but learning new syntax.

  • Design

    I also have a love for art and design and I am particularly good with colors. Although I love to primarly design logos, I draw in my free time as well.

  • Math

    Math is one of my greatest passions besides programming. I love to integrate this into my programming, often making simulations or fractals.


Here are my top five languages by use, each with a rating on how well I know it.

  • Python
  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS
  • Java
  • C++
  • Rust

I know many more languages and am more familiar with some of them then the ones listed here. However these are the ones I use most often.


A Small Subset of My Projects